Ecological Communism

[... Site makes a little with tear off I recognize it... ]


The site on which you are on the point of entering does not have the vocation to be funny (but you have the right to laugh at it all the same), nor that to be aesthetically succeeded (it is very ugly besides, but I will try to cure it). You will thus not find a joke there, of animated GIF, animation flash, even not a frame, not a menu... it is for saying. Only its contents (of the rough crude text) can prove interressant, and still! The author simply wanted to share some thin ideas, and tries to cause at (rare) the reader a reflexion, an interrogation, a reaction, an erection (non!non!), a short just trick... Even if this site appears without savour, stop two seconds on the contents (for once!), the reading will take some to you less than five minutes, and if you have something to add and well OPEN YOUR MOUTHS WELL EXTREMELY!!!


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Measurement goes down for hearing