Ecological Communism

[ Babylon will fall... c' is envisaged, it is written ]

I would like to know...?
I imagine...

It is not a political party, oula really not.

It is right one (small) site perso, and you know what it is mine, then I benefit from it to express me a little, to extend me... and if I could I would put myself very naked! I benefit just from this space of quasi-freedom to throw two three ideas , some tricks, to divide... l' future will say to us what that can (us, you, they, their) bring... qui knows? one day can be, it will be a party!!
It is that one starts has to be numerous to have some more than enough (with ducks).

Ah yes, and then, why Ecological Communism like title, why not "at Bibi" or "Welcome in Gerard, my life, my dog..." hein?

Simply young utopian that I am, I had imagined "a solution" that I had considered with the signal.
With as first concern that which seems most significant to me, euh..... our mother with all, Earth. That appears idiot like that, but one saw here, on the Earth, and for the moment one does not have any that only one damaged it already well. Worst it is than it is not our, and than it is made as if it were it, worse than if it were on our premises... One squatte! Simply, keep in mind in all that one makes, that one should not more deteriorate it and dirty it, protect it if possible... bus to treat it like that, it is we whom we destroy but not only. Here is for ecology.
The second idea being of living all together. It is also simple, I estimate that enough richnesses and food is produced so that everyone profits and lives about it correctly. Then why not divide them. Here is for Communism.

Is Ecological Communism, it as simple as that... une pretty Utopia, not?
And if one went all in the same direction?
And if each one were tried to make the good around him, or at least not to make the evil?
And if one put oneself all together to think of how to make so that that changes, so that Révolution settles , so that Babylon falls... considering the extent from the damage, y-a of work to be made.
I start by launching some questions, and I recover pretty ideas.
I would like enormously that this site builds in a participative way, then do not hesitate a second to share your questions, dislikes, dreams and proposals, please.

I would like to know...?
I imagine...

I will like to know...?

I would like to know why one still sells weapons?
I would like to know why one lets mourrir people of hunger?
I would like to know who wrote the "written saints" for which Humanity is massacred since centuries.
Does I would like to know with what serve well this OMC, World Organisation of the Trade? Me which imagined that with a name like that, the purpose of it was to organize the world trade, by balancing the exchanges and the richnesses.....hé well apparently it would be rather how enc... poorest in the the least worse way that it is, while trying to give good conscience.
I would like to know where are hidden the chemical weapons in Iraq? (you know what?? y' has as many chemical weapons Father Christmas in Iraq).
I would like to know why the USA are in war with the Middle East since.....trop of time.
I would like to know what occurs to Israel? Why here also, one leaves people entretuer since... trop of time.
I would like to know how nowadays, the beings well thinking all joined together around a table, discuss and come to the conclusion that it is necessary to batir a wall between Israel and Palestine?
I would like to know why a minority of the population shares a majority of the richness?
Does I would like to know in what one rank above the animals? me finally....
I would like to know why one still sells cigarettes if they is so dangerous?
I would like to know why the Americans make us chi.. with the cigarettes whereas they are the first pollutants.
I would like that one explains me how a very young country built on an Indian cemetery by assoiffés colonists of gold, dazzled by the money autorisese to be made the cow-boy with the four corners of the World?
I would like to know why after having plundered the countries of Africa during décénies of colonization, one still dares their to ask for money... they would have debts...

All these interrogations, make me say that one is well badly barred... me finally. If you also you have questions without answers, a space is there so that you divide .
I imagine...

I imagine...

I imagine a Ground which would nourish everyone
I imagine that nobody regards as a dustbin, where one wonders about produced waste.
I imagine a World which is expressed freely.
I imagine a World which takes time to live, to better organize myself, of better connaïtre, to deal with our old men, to listen to them, and similar for our children. Persuaded that one should not work who 24, or 20 hours per week.
I imagine a Ground where the people could finally decide borders which separate them... j' imagines a Ground without border.
I imagine a World which would not be alienated any more by the media (bouh especially the télé), more human.

I do not have much imagination today, and if you have some more than me, a space is there for us to make it divide .

[ Yes, but how? ]

I would like to know...?

I repeat it, this site is right a site perso. It does not have any goal, if is not to make share my anguishes, my questions, and others... to encourage you to express you. There is by here, a space of free expression to do it.

To join to me: or ICQ: 99714609

2,3 conneries...

This page was made a p' tit little quickly, but I try to update it regularly (lately: October 2004; one does what one can with time that one has.

blows of eye...

[... with ground, patient, enclosure, badly, with knees, stiff dead ]